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Getting Nostalgic

Posted by MBIKES on in Bikes, News

Coming off one epics sports weekend. It got me thinking about biking as a spectator sport. So, I jump on the old internet and starting doing a little research.

Did you know the original Madison Square Garden was built in 1879 as home to a velodrome?

At the time, bike racing was one of the hottest sports in America and the Garden was the toughest ticket in town. That’s right. Bicycle racing tracks were drawing in huge crowds back in the day. These guys were  among the elite athletes of their era and some made six figure incomes. To put that into perspective, a craftsman was lucky to pull in $5,000… in a good year.

Fast-forward 100 years. Thanks to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Georgia’s own Jimmy Carter, and the 1979 energy crisis more bikes were being sold in the United States than cars. Fixies became especially popular in the urban centers with messengers and couriers because they were affordable, low maintenance, and lightweight. Light made them fast, and fast made them perfect for navigating through traffic (This is why we like them, too). Less parts (like no gears) equals fewer breakdowns.

Nowadays fixed-gear bike riders are as diverse as the fixies themselves. They’re ridden all over your city, by the freaky fast Jimmy John’s delivery guy, that hottie from Crossfit and… your dad.

Just go with it. One more fixed gear single speed bike hopefully means one less car and that’s what we’re all about here at MBIKES USA, an Atlanta bike shop.