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Hello World! Meet MBIKES!

Posted by MBIKES on in News, Press

Hello Atlanta and hello WORLD! We are MBIKES, an Atlanta-based manufacturer of single speed, fixed-gear bicycles that are stylish, affordable, and as cool as you are. Sold primarily via the web, the bikes come in a variety of colors and enjoy a simplified, retro and slightly edgy design.

Our vision is to become one of the Southeast’s premier bicycle companies, and all the while, we will be doing our part to rid the world of cars one stylish, streamlined bike at a time. We can’t do it alone. So, we need you to start riding.

Don’t have a bike? We can fix that too.

We believe in biking, and we aren’t the only ones. Check out this sweet video from the Atlanta Bicycle Collation .

What’s not to believe in? Zero emissions and your trip could actually be fun and good for you. When was the last time your ride to or from anywhere actually lowered your stress and made the world a better place?

As an Atlanta bike shop, we are excited to be part of Atlanta’s growing and passionate bike community. Biking is on the rise in Atlanta with advocacy for city commitments to better biking and culture shifting initiative. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and the Atlanta City Council committed $2.5M for bikeways in the next year and set a goal of becoming a top 10 US city for cycling with 120 miles of bike-ways by 2016.

Sure, riding to work isn’t for everyone. But riding an MBIKE is! How will you use your new fixed gear single speed bike?