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What size frame should I get?

Posted by MBIKES on in Bikes

So you’ve chosen your new MBIKE from MBIKE USA, an Atlanta Bike Shop, and are wondering what size frame you should get. Look no further. Let your frame size anxiety end today! As long as you know your height, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t know how tall you are, you might want to re-think the whole bike thing… seriously.

Bike frame sizes are a measurement of the seat tube (fancy name for the vertical tube underneath the seat). The longer the seat tube, the larger the frame. When selecting a frame size start by referencing our size chart. MBIKES offers three frame sizes relative to your height; 50cm: 5’-5’6”, 54cm: 5’6”-5’10”, 58cm: 5’10”-6’4”.

As a rule of thumb it’s better to get a frame that is slightly small than one that is too large. You can always adjust the seatpost and other components such as the stem to get the best fit. Since the frame also carries most of the bike’s weight, the smaller frame will also keep your whip as light (and fast) as possible.

A properly-sized MBIKE frame will give an inch or two clearance between the top tube and your crotch with your feet on the floor. Make sure to do this test very carefully, fellas.

Position the bike seat so that there is a slight bend to the knee when your foot is on the pedal in the bottom position. This will help protect your knees when you are grinding up hills.

As a final test if you can sit on the seat and if you can touch your feet flat to the ground, rather than the tip of toes, your seat may be too low.

You’ll know when you get it just right. Keep tweaking until you get your new ride just right to maximize pedal power, avoid injuries and prevent premature muscle fatigue.