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A car-free carefree world?

Posted by MBIKES on in Bikes, News

Imagine a world without cars.

We’ve seen it. It’s called Bald Head Island and this golf-cart based community is one of 12 magical US cities that are completely car-free.

While it’s hard to believe there are cities in the 21st century that are still carless, it’s even  harder to believe that Germany’s second largest city wants to completely ban cars by 2034. You heard me. The country that not only has the Autobahn, but has given us Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and BMW wants to make cars totally obsolete over the next 20 years in its second largest city, Hamburg.

Why? Apart from a greener, healthier, quieter and more pleasant place to live, Hamburg is banning cars to fight CO2 emissions. The city’s temperatures have risen by 2 degrees over the past 60 years causing sea levels to rise. Now those are some progressive Hamburgers.

Luckily Hamburg isn’t alone in their car-free mission. Copenhagen, Denmark is currently constructing bicycle superhighways equipped with air pumps and safer intersections to encourage more long distance bicycle commuters. The way they see it, the more they can encourage people to bike, the more they can reduce congestion and the more they can improve quality of life in Copenhagen.

City planners out there, are you listening? To us – an Atlanta Bike Shop – we know our city is, beginning with the Atlanta Beltline.