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The (handle) Bar Scene: Get a Grip!

Posted by MBIKES on in Bikes

Handlebar styles are a matter of personal preference, yet all types have a purpose beyond just looking cool. MBIKES, an atlanta bike shop, sells bikes that come standard with bullhorn style handlebars, and here’s why.

Bullhorns offer two hand positions, hence why they come standard on MBIKES. The ‘horns’ provide an extra hand position for climbing hills. Another advantage is that you can shift more of your weight on the front wheel for skidding. If you’re riding in the city, bullhorns are a great choice because they let you keep your head up in traffic and still change your grip to avoid fatigue – all necessary on the streets. Bonus: bullhorns are wrapped with handlebar tape, which means endless inexpensive ways to make your fixie unique.

Risers offer a single hand position and are wider than bullhorns and drops making them a bit trickier for navigating in traffic, but they allow a more slightly upright riding position.

Drops offer an aggressive forward-leaning position for maximum speed. They allow multiple hand positions – riders can go down ‘on the drops’ to flatten their back making them more aerodynamic thus faster. Not the most comfortable for urban riding, but hey, some just wanna go fast.