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Can Atlanta become a top 10 cycling city?

As we sit on the threshold of one of coolest weeks in Atlanta, the Atlanta Cycling Festival, it got me thinking… can Atlanta REALLY become a top 10 cycling city? Fortunately our Mayor thinks so, and I am starting to believe.

We built our business because we love our city and believe in biking. Great cycling cities are special beyond definition. Research suggests that biking cities might be richer, fitter and more successful in many ways.

But even with all our momentum, there is still much work to be done. It seems Atlanta makes every worst traffic list, but never the best biking list.

Mayor Reed wants to change that and so does everyone at MBIKES. Our bike-lovin’ elected official announced a goal for Atlanta to become a top 10 cycling city by 2016… that’s next year.

So, is that all talk? Politics in action? How does our gridlocked city plan to climb the list? And more importantly… how can we help?

The Mayor’s office is working hard to keep their 2012 promised to double the amount of bike lanes and the percentage of people who bike to work by 2016. As we know the Atlanta City Council approved $2.5M in funding to complete numerous bike-centric projects to help reach the goal of adding 60 miles of multi-use trails, bike lanes and cycle tracks. Looks like the Mayor is putting his money where his mouth is…

While there are dozens of projects happening right now to build community around cycling, two in particular are generating a lot of excitement and especially relevant these days

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition finally got funding for their Chief Bicycle Officer. Special shout out to the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation for their donation that makes the position possible.

And finally, the Atlanta Cycling Festival starts tomorrow and events run through Saturday, June 20. See the official 2015 Ride Calendar, and make sure to come and see MBIKES at the Opening Bash tomorrow night. We will be giving away a couple of bikes, doing some bike demos and hanging out with cool people.

So, the seeds of change are surely planted in Atlanta. And anyone who’s cruised the Eastside Beltline on a sunny weekend day knows we are a city hungry for biking infrastructure. As a matter of fact, it is too freaking nice out to be inside writing. I am going for a bike ride. And that is what we can do to help. Get on your bikes and support the Atlanta Cycling Festival next week.

If you need a little more motivation remember this, freezing-ass Minneapolis topped Bicycling Magazine bike-friendly cities list. Did you hear that “Hotlanta?” A city where residents live by the mantra of “what doesn’t freeze us makes us stronger” took the number one spot.

That’s right. If they can do it, we can. Now get outside.