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Why Biking = Happiness

Hey, look, I have a job… or two… I have problems and stress… just like you. But when my face is in the breeze and my feet are on the pedals, something happens and I like to call it happiness. Believe it or not, science has my back on this.

When you ride regularly, you… “feel happier” according to 89% of the folks that responded to a recent Bicycling magazine survey.

Why does biking make people so happy? It IS science, but we don’t need Bill Nye to explain this one. It’s actually quite simple. Check it.

Biking saves you from the stress of driving. Studies show that rush hour traffic can more than double the average heart rate of a healthy young adult. Commuter’s stress levels observed were greater than fighter pilots going into battle or riot policemen. You better just hope no one at work asks you if you have a case of the Mondays when you finally get there.

Biking is cheap. According to AAA the average cost per year to own and operate a car is $9,000. Just owning a car in Georgia costs an average of $4,322, and that doesn’t include gas. Georgia suffers the highest state automobile taxes and fees in the nation.

Biking gives you energy. Studies show that biking lessens fatigue by 65% and boosts energy by 20%. And no surprise the only group of commuters who report enjoying their daily trip to work are the ones that use their own two feet to get there.

Biking helps you sleep. Studies show that biking helped people with insomnia fall asleep twice as fast and slept for nearly an hour more. Soaking up some Vitamin D in the sun helps too, plus it boosts your mood.

Biking improves your skin. Biking and exercise in general increases circulation delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells more effectively while flushing harmful toxins out. Feelin’ good, lookin’ good.

Biking boosts brain power. Exercise helps the brain area responsible for memory generate new cells.

Improves your sex life. Still need convincing? Let’s get physical, physical. Being more physically active can boost your sex life. Studies concluded that male athletes have sexual appetite of men two to five years younger. And men over 50 who bike at least 3 hours a week have a 30% lower risk of impotence than those that do little exercise. Increased blood flow delivers more oxygen blood to muscle… we’ll let you figure out the rest.

So, what are you waiting for… saddle up and get happy!