First, the M.

MBIKES was born in Midtown Atlanta, the epicenter of Atlanta’s bicycle movement. So, we call our bikes MBIKES as a tip of the cap to our hometown and where our brand was born. Also of note, Mannheim is the name of the German city where the first reported bike ride happened way back in 1817 (granted this bike was made of wooden and didn’t have pedals) and Macmillan was the first to invent the mechanically propelled bicycle.

MBIKES are much more than just a name. MBIKES are all about transportation. No offense to the mountain bikers cursing down the sidewalks or spandex clad clans dominating the suburban backroads on a Sunday morning, but our bikes are crafted for urban transit and in-town riding.

Our affordable, single speed fixed gear bicycles—featuring a simplified, retro design—project an individualistic personality and active lifestyle. No spandex or clunky gear required.

MBIKES temper practicality with a pop of streamlined style. Our products tap the environmental consciousness while skirting an edgy line.  Our designs equally satisfy the satchel-strapped rider with an in-town commute, the eco-minded couple on their weekly farmers market run, the cruising co-ed en route to her seminar and teens gathering en masse at their neighborhood pool.

Get yours today and get ready to share your MBIKES story.