What is a fixie or fixed gear bike?

What is a fixie or fixed gear bike?

Can you coast on your current whip? Well, it might be single speed, but it isn’t a fixie. A “fixie” is a bike with a “fixed” gear. Basically, it is a bike that lacks the ability to “freewheel” or coast.

Does this mean your bike broken? No. It just means the rear cog (that small round piece with teeth) is attached or “fixed” to the bike’s rear wheel. Whenever the wheels are moving, the pedals will go around. So you’re always pedaling on a fixed-gear bike or “fixie”. If your bike is in motion, so are your legs. You pedal backwards, you go backwards. If only it was that easy (it’s not… I have been practicing).

The advantage of fixies over their geared friends is that they are simple, light, reliable, easy to maintain, control and provide endless opportunities for customization. They are popular among urban cyclists, offering the advantage of a lighter and simpler design requiring less maintenance than a multi-geared bike because they have much fewer parts.

And despite what you have heard or read, riding a fixie without brakes is cray cray. Some riders remove the brakes for a minimal look, but we believe in safety first. While riding fixie, you can absolutely more easily control your speed by using negative resistance on the pedals or even skid to stop, but in some situations nothing can replace good brakes. You have too much to live for!

Not ready to ride a fixie? No problem, MBIKES serve both fixed-gear and freewheel riding depending on how you set up your rear wheel.  Since our bikes come with flip-flop hubs, simply flip around your rear wheel to switch from free wheel to fixed-gear and visa versa. We actually ship our bikes in the freewheel setting for ease of use.

Riding fixed-gear gives you a closer connection to their bike and the road. It takes a bit of getting used to, but can make for the ultimate riding experience and a leg workout that would get you ready for short shorts faster than Richard Simmons. Once you make the switch, you’ll always choose fixed. You know what they say… once you go Fixed…