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Why Biking = Happiness

Hey, look, I have a job… or two… I have problems and stress… just like you. But when my face is in the breeze and my feet are on the pedals, something happens and I like to call it happiness. Believe it or not, science has my back on this. When you ride regularly, you… […]

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Posted by MBIKES on in Press

Wanna hear NPR’s Lois Reitzes talk about fixies? Tune in Thursday, April 16th, from 10am-2pm and you’ll hear our friends at WABE talk about fixed gear bikes and get the chance to win your very own. WABE is giving away 2 MBIKES as part of their spring pledge drive, courtesy of our friends at the Atlanta Cycling […]

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Superhighways to Awesomeville

Posted by MBIKES on in Bikes, Community

Hey, here in the “A” we are doing something. The Beltline, Path400, Waterworks Park, Atlanta Streetcar, MARTA usage… the times are a changing. But we still have LOTS of work to do. As our representatives plan for the future of transportation funding, we have to keep our eye on the prize. For those of you […]

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The (handle) Bar Scene: Get a Grip!

Posted by MBIKES on in Bikes

Handlebar styles are a matter of personal preference, yet all types have a purpose beyond just looking cool. MBIKES, an atlanta bike shop, sells bikes that come standard with bullhorn style handlebars, and here’s why. Bullhorns offer two hand positions, hence why they come standard on MBIKES. The ‘horns’ provide an extra hand position for […]

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A car-free carefree world?

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Imagine a world without cars. We’ve seen it. It’s called Bald Head Island and this golf-cart based community is one of 12 magical US cities that are completely car-free. While it’s hard to believe there are cities in the 21st century that are still carless, it’s even  harder to believe that Germany’s second largest city […]

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