Get Ready to Ride!

Get Ready to Ride!


You’ll need 5/32 and 3/16 allen wrenches and 15mm and 10mm end wrenches or socket wrenches to keep your bike riding tight, but professional assembly is required for the 1-year warranty.

1. Remove your new MBIKE from the box. Probably best to leave all bubble wrap and additional packaging on at this point. What’s worse than scratching your new bike before you get it on the road?

2. Carefully, cut the zip ties with wire cutters or heavy duty scissors to release the front wheel and handlebars.

3. If the wheel is jammed, gently rotate the crank in order to release the front wheel.

4. Now you should be able to rotate the headset and front brakes into the proper forward facing position. So, let’s put on your your handlebars.

5. Unscrew the four Allen screws on the front plate of your headset.

6. Once you’ve got your handlebars in the preferred position, screw the front plate back on. It helps to have a helping hand here.  Handlebars, check!

7. Grab the front wheel and loosen both of the nuts, not all the way, about 90%. Now position the wheel under the forks making sure the additional hardware is on the outside of the frame. Once your wheel is in the proper position, tighten nuts snugly. Wheels, check!

8. Next, grab the seat post from the box and insert into the stem.

9. Loosen the fastener at the top of your seat post. This will make it easier to attach the saddle.

10. Place your saddle to the desired position. Tighten fastener in place with Allen wrench. Saddle, check!

11. Now, remove the pedals from the box. Screw a pedal into each side of the crank. You can’t get this one wrong. The right and left pedals will only screw into their designated side of the crank. Pedals, check!

12. Align brake pads to the braking area on the rims just under the tire.

13. Tighten your brakes. You can adjust the knob to adjust brake tension. Please test brakes and tighten cable further if needed. You may need to undo the brake cable fastener, tighten the cable and then fasten again. Make sure you get this step right! Brakes, check!

14. It is now safe to remove remaining packaging. Packaging, check!

15. Pump up your tires. You can see the recommended PSI on the tire wall. You will need a pump that fits tires with the Presta tire valve. Tires, check!

17. Double check that you have tightened everything securely before riding.

18. Test your brakes AGAIN thoroughly.

19. Grab a helmet that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute. MBIKE, check!