Fixed Gear and Single Speed MBIKES

  • Features
    • Single speed
    • Shimano Sora 3500 front brake
    • High-tensile steel frame
    • Flip-flop hub (so you can ride freewheel or fixed gear)
    • 700x28c Kenda Kwest tires
    • 50mm purple double-wall aluminum rims
    • Wrapped alloy bullhorn handlebars
    • Nylon BMX style platform pedals
    • Two water bottle braze-ons
    • Rear braze-on (for rack)
    • Free silicon LED flashing lights
    • 1-year warranty (professional assembly required)
  • FAQs
    • Q: What is a fixed-gear and single-speed bike?

      A: A fixed-gear is a single-speed bike without the ability to freewheel or coast. The rear cog is attached or ‘fixed’ to the bike’s rear wheel so whenever the wheels are moving, the pedals will go around. So you’re always pedaling on a fixed-gear bike or "fixie". You pedal backwards, you go backwards. If only it was that easy! A single-speed bike has a single gear ratio with the ability to freewheel or coast so you don’t have to always pedal. MBIKES serve both fixed-gear and freewheel riding depending on how you set up your rear wheel. All our bikes come with flip-flop hubs; simply flip around your rear wheel to switch from free wheel to fixed-gear.
    • Q: What’s the advantage single-speed bikes over gears?

      A: Single-speed bikes are simple, reliable, easy to maintain, control and provide endless opportunities for customization. They are popular among urban cyclists, offering the advantage of a lighter and simpler design requiring less maintenance than a multi-geared bike. Riding fixed-gear gives riders a closer connection to their bike and the road. It takes a bit of getting used to, but can make for the ultimate riding experience and a leg workout that would get you ready for short shorts faster than Richard Simmons. Once you make the switch you'll always choose fixed.
    • Q: One speed? Wouldn’t more gears be better?

      A: If you were climbing a mountain, yes. MBIKES are for urban riding. Gears are heavy and require more mechanical maintenance. Single-speed bikes require minimal maintenance and are lighter in weight without all those gears. Light equals fast. Much easier for carrying down stairs to the train or lifting onto the bus bike rack.
    • Q: How much will I have to assemble?

      A: Your MBIKE will arrive in a large box approximately 90% assembled. Instructions and tools are included for the simple final steps of attaching the pedals, seat, front wheel and handlebars. We highly advise you have a pro bike technician assemble your MBIKE for the safest and most enjoyable riding experience.
    • Q: What size frame should I get?

      A: The frame size is a measurement of the seat tube. MBIKES offers three frame sizes relative to your height. As a rule of thumb it’s better to get a frame that is slightly small than one that is too large. You can always adjust the seatpost and other components such as the stem to get the best fit.
    • Q: Do you make women’s bikes?

      A: Yes. MBIKES are bikes. Bikes are unisex.
    • Q: How much do MBIKES weigh?

      A: MBIKES weigh 20-25 pounds depending on the size. One of the advantages of a single-speed bike is that it’s lightweight. Perfect for the urban rider.
    • Q: What material are MBIKE frames?

      A: MBIKES are made of high-tensile steel, a popular material for bike frames because of its strength and durability.
    • Q: Do MBIKES come with brakes?

      A: Yes, MBIKES come standard with a Shimano front brake. A pro bike technician can add a rear brake for a minimal cost.
    • Q: Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

      A: MBIKES ships within the continental United States for a flat rate of $30 USD. The bike will be conveniently delivered to your door via FedEx Ground. Residents of Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico can email with their address for a USPS Priority Mail service shipping quote and Canada residents for a FedEx International Economy shipping quote.
    • Q: Why don’t you ship outside the US?

      A: We could, but you wouldn't want to pay the shipping and customs fees. Seriously, it's expensive to ship bikes internationally.
    • Q: What’s your warranty?

      A: All MBIKES forks and frames are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. This does not include damage from normal wear and tear or failure to follow assembly instructions. Tires, tubes, grips, pedals, cranks, brake pads, cables and other parts are not covered as these components experience normal wear and tear.

The Galaxy – SOLD OUT! - $199.00

What’s black and purple and rode all over? The Galaxy. Show your softer side by adding a pop of purple to a matte black frame. It’s outta this world.

Available for local Atlanta pick up only. Subject to availability.

Color: Matte black frame with purple deep dish rims

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  • 4’6”
  • 5’0”
  • 5’6”
  • 6’0”
  • 6’6”

Bike Specs

The Twain - White Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike
  • 16.5 inches 1 - Chain Stay
  • 18.5 inches 2 - Seat Tube
  • 21 inches 3 - Top Tube
  • 4 inches 4 - Head Tube
  • 22 pounds Weight
  • 30 inches Standover Height
  • 16.5 inches 1 - Chain Stay
  • 20.5 inches 2 - Seat Tube
  • 21.5 inches 3 - Top Tube
  • 4 inches 4 - Head Tube
  • 23 pounds Weight
  • 30 inches Standover Height
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